Endicam Project

Innovative solutions for the people of the 21st century.

Currently, there are countless solutions based on Smart City technologies that public administrations are gradually trying to implement, but if we take a closer look at these types of applications, they are still complex, not very inclusive and the majority of the population is not digitally trained for their use, especially reflected in the digital divide that we suffer in Spain.

And if we stop in the webs of the municipalities, most of them are not optimized, lack resources, do not have an easy and clear structure so its use is quite limited to a sector of the population. This causes that the public resources of each municipality are not optimized and do not reach the total population for their benefit. Some municipalities do not have more than a Facebook or Twitter page to connect with their population, either because of the size of the municipality or its budget. 

In Endicam, we propose a sustainable and innovative solution that allows access also to small municipalities to transform into smart cities, enabling new technological knowledge to its population to adapt to these new technologies, facilitating their use and making more inclusive public resources of the municipalities.

We help the population to know how to manage the digital environment of each municipality and we facilitate the location of all public services, making the relationship with the public administrations of the Community of Madrid more accessible and inclusive.

Through an exclusive application for smartphones that we have developed, we facilitate the location and access to all kinds of procedures and public services of your municipality, we provide information and assistance to citizens in social emergency situations and also promote local commerce with a fully inclusive digital showcase that increases the competitiveness of local trade and connect culturally through the 360º Digital TourismThe 179 municipalities of the Community of Madrid, creating a fully accessible and inclusiveDigital Community for its neighbors.

A 100% sustainable and inclusive project.

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